"Feeling Happy" in Bishop
December 18-23, 2003
In December of 2002 I began an endless road trip. I had a car, gear, and a lot of motivation and had tested out the road on a few shorter trips in the summer and fall. I figured it would be a good way to both escape the brutal Chicago winter and to experience “the life.”

The trip started in Bishop, California where I was meeting a bunch of friends from Chicago. After some car trouble and three long days of driving I showed up in Bishop ready to boulder. I had just missed some horrible weather and while the temps were not ideal, they were good enough to climb. We learned the hard way that we couldn’t get up to the Buttermilks until some of the snow melted but there was plenty to do at the Happys.

It was a very good week and great start to my trip. I sent some V3s and V4s and got my skin primed for a long winter. Climbing with a large group from Chicago was rad. Every time I turned around a corner it seemed like there was another person I knew. Adrian probably had the most success sending his first V6 and then following that up with 2 V7s. If this part of the trip was any indicator my endless road trip was going to be awesome.


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